Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tired~~ happy XD

Few days didn't post here.. here I come.. haha XP

Today, we went 3K to play badminton after class. Before we went 3K, we had our lunch at rock cafe. 5 piggies except Hwa Siong had lunch together with Mr.Bill, he is very very very, super duper funny. HAHAHA~~ We chit chat and laughed all the way during lunch. haha~~

Well, we had fun during badminton, but 2moro our hands will be very pain, muscle cramp. Pig family except Hwa Siong seldom do exercise, thats why. HAHA~~ Tired but had fun..

After badminton, pig family had "AGM" outside 3K. HAHA~~ We can share everything with each other with no hiding since we are family, wohoo~~ I love pig family.. haha~~ xP

Okay, very tired now, my eyes going to close.. but still have to read through T9 1st before i sleep >.<.. haha~~ signing off.. pig family, sleep earlier ya.. ^^

p/s : Don't have words such as "ishhh" or "jerrr" in this post.. haha.. coz today quite happy.. XD

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