Tuesday, July 7, 2009

hard time~!!hard decision~!!!help me~!! XD

Moving??switching??changing?? gosh~!! who can help me to make da rite decision??im stucked~!!lolz..
well im thinking whether or not to switch grp...zzz...as all my piggy family and also frenz knows tat...I HATES TO B WIF GRP 1...COZ...they r ..*ahem*~~!!! dun nid to b so specific lol...
tats jz seems part of da reason..da most import. is dat i dun lik uncle tan..i guess he hates me too..he lik to fired me INDIRECTLY~~~ n also i dun really lik bt still afta all..i think my class timetable consider to b da nicest wan??guess so???
how??if i changed...den most ppl will follow to switch away?den grp 3 tinggal TULANG shj...XD lol every1 depends on me..im afraid tat i made da wrong decision for them..HOW???????im still cracking my brain...*thinking*looking*observing* shd i or shdn`t??

xiu qi xD

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