Thursday, July 9, 2009

Damn Day~~!!! 8th july

2day when i was turnin into ss 13 my car`s radio suddenly went on n off...i din even bother abt it..SUMTHIN happen when i stopped in front of monash`s traffic lights..MY CAR BROKE DOWN~!!!.da worst part car parked at second places at da behind kip honk-ing lik HELL~!! it den makes me even more panic~!!
i tried to start my it failed..i nearly cried...i called my dad to rescure he said:"im in puchong la." zzzz swt...den i spam call hwa siong(di di) n also jeff n jack to help me...thx god hwa siong reaches ther 1st..parked behind my me on da double signal...den he try on my car..WAH~!!GG..he said no other choices bt to jz push my car to a side 1st...n jeff n jack reached..all of them help me to push my car a side..n me n shereen jz oni get to know a GG car is so easy to push-moved~~!!!
when v r all trying to move the car...1 stupid lady who dun even know wats actually goin on..wind down her window n shouted at us : `mau gaduh pergi tepi lar" (lol stu lady..jz shout up n Fuck off la)
It was ady workshop open at dis time..v got no other choices bt to jz wait...while waiting..jeff say sumthing..: let try act pro here by checking it ourslef" hahah...he is so funny...while v all standing n waiting...v saw kenneth driving passed..after parked his car..he den cum n giv me a hand oso...funniset part was..he oso acting pro.."oh dis wan ar...battery water dry d la" hahha...XD
7 of us were standing waiting 4 any of the workshop as ther r so many workshop near sunway college...kenneth said he saw 1 of the workshop opened when he was on his way to n ken call 1 of the foreman ther
OH finally...LORD~!!thx~~!!after the foreman check confirm is battery DIE~!!aftertaking down his hp num..v left the car wif him...v rush for class as it`s veli veli late d..
middle of da class,AH HOT(so called)the foreman msg jeff..jeff said i would probably cried when i c da msg...n YES~!!i gone crazy!!!
kee siao 500plus..i call my dad..n my dad say:"jz get da damn car fix la" afta class me jeff n shereen walk to da workshop n bargin to lower da totally amt..n lastly..RM500 get da stupid alternator n damn battery done~!!! lazy to post abt da pyramid story..any piggy family jz help me continue my late now n i gotta go as tmr thers`s class in da morning...zzzz sienzzz

P/s: REALLY THANKS ALOT to hwa siong jeff jack kenneth hoong kin shereen n nicole...thx u ppl...I LOVE U GUYS SO SO MUCH~!!THX alot for helping~!!

xiu qi

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