Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GG on the road !

Hie again , here I am posting about something that is related to Pauline's Green Car Half Dead post . This will be a more detail version about what had happened on the 8th of July 2009 . A day that piggy family will remember . Ok , cut the crap and lets head straight into the story.

As usual , 3 pigs went to college together . In the car gossip like normal . Non stop gossip de . What oso can gossip . zzz . haha . Past the stupid hectic jam at Summit till the roundabout near Taylors . This Xiu Qi drive car like snake nie . turn here turn there . signal here signal there . Pro like shit . Bet some of the guys out there drive car oso lose to her . ^^ . Dun play play wif her hor ? This warning is specially dedicated to SOMEONE that makes her angry everytime . XD

When we turn into Bandar Sunway , then
suddenly Hitz Fm black out . haha . dun have sound at all . So we thought Hitz Fm sot sot dei d . Then XQ press the no 3 to change to Fly Fm . mana tau oso for a while got for a while dun have . is like we listen * I wanna make up right now (na na) , Wish we never broke up right now (na na) * , * pauses * then continue with * Heal The World , Make It A Better Place , For You And For Me , And The Entire Human Race * , zzz from Akon to MJ , black and white . =.= Then XQ press the button ON/OFF . 5 seconds ltr , she switch back on . Is still the same . Then she press no 1 to change back to Hitz Fm . hang gei . So change back to Fly Fm . She's like spamming clicking the two buttons . is like Hitz Fly Hitz Fly Hitz Fly and ended wif a * what the hell * . She terus off the radio d . 3 of us was giggling all the way , we thought is no big deal , mayb just Hitz and Fly sot sot d . lol . After passing by Monash , we stop at the traffic light . We are the second car . So as usual , need to wait , XQ put to gear N . so we wait n gossip to wait for the lights to turn green . When it turns green , when she wanted to change back to gear D , only we realised something terrible had happen . oh no ! so what thing happen that make 3 of us go * oh no * ? Front car accidentally reverse and knock our car ?? somebody break one of the window wanted to snatch our bag ?? petrol signal blinking ?? NO NO NO , ALL WRONG ! so what happen actually ?????

Give up guessing d ?? XD .. kay la , lets
reveal the answer . MATI ENJIN LA DOINK . haha. yes . mati enjin. im not joking . car cant even start at all . 3 of us straight panic d . summor is 3 gals . zzz . XQ tried few times to start the car but it just cant . behind us some of the cars already start to honk d , making us more panic . zz . TYPICAL MALAYSIANS . WHAT OSO HONK. LIKE DONT HONK CAN DIE . NO PATIENCE AT ALL. lol. we get even more panic when cant put the double signal . whole car stuck thr cant move . then one of the problems happen , we saw one of our FREN car pass by which we din go like * phew got ppl save us d * , but we go like * wtf , y so suay ?? walao * our dat FREN stop by the road side and walk towards us. XQ wind down the window and our FREN ask what happen . XQ explain and our FREN say will go inside college to get help. then dat fren just went off. Immediately we get off the car and stood by roadside de pavement to wait for dat FREN to come back . See b4 anot , 3 gals posing at the roadside ?? lol . We are like posing wif our mobile . scrolling from A to Z finding ppl that we can call to help us . the first person we thought of was OUR DEAREST KOR , HWA SIONG !! he answered the phone that time summor yawning . zzz . he say he stuck at LDP around 10 mins only can reach. then we call Jeff . he oso another 10 mins oni will arrive college. so we cant do anything but just stand along the roadside and wait for them and our so call FREN dat go ask for help.

When HS arrived , he park behind our c
ar and put double signal for us . Then some stupid lady tot we two car accident and stand by the road side and quarrel. the idiot lady wind down her window and shout at us ' WAN FIGHT GO ONE SIDE AND FIGHT LA ' i was like WTF IDIOT LADY .. grrr... we panic thr like hell and she summor shout at us for no reason . din see properly then scold us . walao. fix fix fix oso cant start the car . then Jeff and Jack came . we help to push the car to one side of the road so that wont block the traffic . dunno who came up wif the idea of jumpstart the car using cable . then Jeff said ' how to jumpstart the car ?? jumpstart need at least got the *keek keek keek * sound when u tryin to start engine . XQ wan * keek keek keek* sound oso dun have how to jumpstart ? ' all of us burst out laughing . lol Then Kenneth came . Then Ken and Jeff went to nearby shoplots to see any of the workshop open already so we can ask for help. They managed to get one fella came over and we left the car wif him.

Went in uncle Tan class bout half an hour late . he din answer so we din tell him bout it. lol . nothing special happen in the class . After pyramid , me , XQ and Jeff walk to the workshop to check on the car . the fella sy total cost bout rm500 and oni will be done around 1pm . so we decided to go for lunch then to pyr
amid . on the way to pyramid , we saw a police car . the policeman didnt put on the safety belt oso. we was like wth . when we pass by the police car , i seriously wanted to show the policeman the safety belt . i was like pulling the safety belt then at last minute . guess wad ?? SHEREEN CHICKEN OUT LA . ZZZ ...LTR SHEREEN KENA KICK INSIDE EAT CURRY RICE HOW ?? LOL .. XD

Inside Pyramid , piggy family except HS accompany me to find for shades . so nice of them hor . ^^ HS go accompany gf . XD manage t
o bought a shades in NOSE .

My shades ^^

Thx a lot to HS , JEFF , JACK and KENNETH for being there for us when we need them . And also thx to Hoong Kin .

p/s : our dat FREN din come back . zz . bayang pun tak nampak . =.=

Signing off ,
Shereen aka The PuRpl3 PriNcEsS <3

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