Friday, July 24, 2009

Setengah-mati !

Hie all .
Okay la pig family , I know I quite long didn't update already .
What la blog die d . lol .

So many things happen this whole month
All that happened to me is not so good
I'm stress , tired and slowly giving up on some stuff
Nothing seems going my way this month
Everything just went wrong
Sometimes i just sat down and blindly staring at something
Not knowing what to do
Worse is all those things happen one after another
I don't even have the time to breathe and yet another problem hits on me
Okay , enough of sad stuff d

Today went Pyramid with pig family
Eat non stop today
Lets see what i ate and drank from yesterday night till today
1. Mcd sundae cone x2
2. Secret recipe chez choc cake
3. Hot chocolate
4. Bread
5. Nasi lemak
6. Mcd nugget
7. French fries
8. Soft drink
9. Tom yum soup
10. Watermelon juice
11. Orange juice
12. Ice lemon tea
13. Lychee water
14. Honey lemon water

GG la this time . been eating a lot this few months
zzzzz. dunno gain how much weight d .
Din bought anything today
Bought FATS !!
tmr need go work. sobs.

I think i better stop here . Been yawning since just now . zzz. To all my family and frens , pls do take good care of yr health . More and more ppl falling sick d . First Xiu Qi , then me wif bit sore throat , now Pauline wif flu . Take care hor !!

Signing off ,
The Purpl3 PrinCesS ^^

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