Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family photo !!

All heard about Piggy Family already for quite some time , but didn't get to see pictures of the members of the Piggy Family right ? Okay la , today will show you who is those 5 piggies . lol . That day i just randomly thought that our family dont have a family photo . So just randomly took the picture below . By looking the smile on our face , u will be so jealous of all of us . We are proud to be part of the Piggy Family . We share everything together , both happiness and sad times . Although we only know each other like starting of the year , but we are so close to each other as though we know each other for 5 years already .

4 out of 5 members of Piggy Family
from left to right :
Xiu Qi , Shereen , Nicole , Pauline

Just wanna say that I appreciate all the times they being there for me , be there wif me through all my ups and downs . I'm sorry if i neglect u guys at times . I'm proud to have brother and sisters like u all . muacksxx. love u guys a lot . ^^

Signing off ,
Shereen aka Th3 PuRpl3 PriNceSs

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