Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Green Car half dead.. =.=

Today, such a "big incident" had happened. A green car broke down near Monash College. =.=

Well, I reached college at about 7.35am dis moring. So, after settled down everything in my car "slowly" (slow motion =.=), I entered LT4. But, once I entered the class, I "Eh, Xiu qi, Shereen and Nicole haven't reach wor.. so late???" Then Nicole texted me when I was still wondering where they are. Nic said that Xiu Qi's car broke down in front of college. I was like huh?? Then only i know that her green car broke down because of battery problem. The car was totally dead at the moment, can't even on the double signal and the car was stopped at middle of the road, so can u imagine how dangerous was it as so many cars pass by the road?? =.= Okay, luckily Hwa Siong, Jeff, Jack and Kenneth met up with them and finally manage to send the car to a workshop nearby. The problem was half settled and they entered the class.

Well, after class, Xiu Qi and Jeff went to the workshop and 'visit' the half dead car. So, the mechanic was repairing the car and the car will be "saved" and everything will be settled down around 1pm as wat the mechanic said. And as the conclusion, total expenses needed to save the life of the car is around RM500 including a new battery and another don't know what thing, hahaha.. xP RM500 le, it's such a large amount. zzz. =.= but what to do, the car was really half dead.

Okay, story ends about the green car, haha XD. Well, we went pyramid today and just lepak there. Shereen finally bought a sunglasses from NOSE after we walked and stalked many shops. We went to Mill Wheel. This is the 2nd time since we went to Mill Wheel at Jusco, Bukit Tinggi during the so called Klang trip. HAHA~~ Eat and gossip there and finally went home.

Today was a freaking tired day for me. I was very sleepy throughout the day especially while lepak-ing in pyramid and during my piano class. I even falling asleep during my piano class and made lot of mistakes while playing my exam pieces, see the wrong notes.. zzz. HAHA~~ too tired and i din take a nap be4 the class. haiz.. haha xD. Have to sleep earlier tonight to cure my panda eyes.. =.= HAHA~~

Should stop here, goodnight piggy family, sleep earlier (especially Hwa Siong, haha..), sleep tight, meet in the dreams. xP =) Haha~~ Nitez =)

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