Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tiring day + depressed~!!!

From now onward, wed seems to b da day wher all of us go for exercising~!!!yea~!!time to diet d xiu qi~!!stop eeaatingg~~~(afta joining CAT,i gain so so so so so so so so so much weight)everyday oso eating!!!! >.<
went for badminton at 3k wif my classmates-24ppl...n v had booked 4 court for da game...every1 play so noobies ther..zzzz haiz~!!!
okay..v played till 230pm...freaking tiring...went yamcha wif piggy family afta tat..had our AGM meeting till 5pm. then went bac home~!!
NOW~!! hand n leg muscle pain..neck pain...CONCLUSION~~whole body pain..long time never exercise is lik tat lol..haiz~!!

well,afta da new semester started..there`s too many scene happened that had changed my``world``~!!!! i felt so depressed~!! im so lost in sumwher...i dunno n couldn`t imagine wat will happen following...every1 is jz hiding away...REAlly hoping tat i could turn bac da time..or i shd jz run away from all dis??/Heartache...heartbroken~!!!

i know, i shd either face it or jz let jz.......HAIZ~!!!!

BT im really gald tat i hav u all wif me by my side all da time...I LOVE U ALL.PIGGIES FAMILY~!!!!

~xiu qi ~

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