Thursday, July 9, 2009


kay><'s my turn to post stg here..or else later sher and pauline gonna nag me again hor..haha..xD's july 9..09/07/09..
our pig family has form storm norm and performing now><.it's still so clear in my memory our first outing during cny..we went gor's house(erjie)..even though we've just known each other for like 23 days but we're like very very old friends like that..we somemore go erjie's room and try to open every cupboard to check his..(we know lar) 7 months..we're a family now..we progress quite fast also hor..(pauline i know u want to say of course lar..pauline mar..memang express de ><. yes..time really flies..we're studying second sem now..can't fool around so much anymore..must concentrate in studies this sem..pig family..gambatte! go go go!! jia you jia you!! =)

Xiuqi ah..dont everyday eat so much chili liao..see ur sore throat until now also haven recover..and rmb drink lotsa of water..=)
erjie..sleep early lar haiyorr..everyday also sleep late..then next day in class keep yawning..and..dont everyday eat maggie cup lor..
shereen..where's my breakfast? haha..kay lar..prepare for uncle J enough earlier also..if not later pig turn panda..haha><.
pauline xiao mei
..u very express hor..faster go rajin practise piano..jia you jia you=)

kay it's erjie's turn to post hor..erjie after u finish reading this faster post har i tell u..go go><.

Nic ><

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